Past Exhibitions

Where the water takes us

01 December - 13 January

Rithika Merchant’s first solo exhibition at TARQ brings together a body of work that explores issues of migration, displacement and belonging through the idiom of epics and myths. Working primarily with the mediums of gouache and ink on paper, Rithika creates elaborate and poetic mosaics of myths that seek to thread together a plethora of histories across time and space.

Stained Geographies

28 October - 25 November

TARQ is delighted to announce Saju Kunhan's first solo exhibition at the gallery. This exhibition brings together a body of work that is the result of Kunhan's exploration of the archive along with the re-interpretation of images in shifting contexts. He uses wood and archival images to articulate his conceptual investigations.

Notorious Rowdies

15 September - 19 October

What began as a fun exploration eventually turned into a serious performance based project, that unearthed each participant’s inner fantasies, and allowed both, participant and artist to delve deeper into notions of violence and voyeurism.


11 August - 09 September

Savia Mahajan's first solo exhibition at TARQ will feature the artist's sculptural works that have key linkages to ideas of space, time and being. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue essay written by physicist K. Sridhar.

Remains of the Day

07 July - 05 August

Featuring two series: Half Naked Nude and Unstill Life by Mumbai-based photographer Shahid Datawala, the exhibition explores the idea of the uncanny in everyday objects.

Views of the Spirit - Photographs by Man Ray

26 May - 01 July

TARQ, in collaboration with Mando Galeria (Madrid) is delighted to present "Views of the Spirit" - an exhibition of photographs by Man Ray. This exhibition, made possible with the permission of the Man Ray Trust ADAGP, is the first time the legendary photographer's works are being exhibited in India.

Bibliography in Progress

13 April - 20 May

Samit Das's works and practice find their core in the archive. At TARQ, his works look at urban growth and the cityscape in what will be his first major solo exhibition in Mumbai in the last ten years.


09 March - 08 April

'Photowallah' includes photographs from two bodies of work by artist Waswo X.Waswo: A Studio in Rajasthan and New Myths. In these photographs, Waswo playfully examines the genres of both the ethnographic photograph-as-document that is linked to the colonial era, as well as the fantasy-inspired make-believe that has emanated from traditional Indian portrait studios.

Portraits in Time

20 January - 25 February

Samanta uses portraiture – a theme steeped in historical tradition – in order to delve into time and its impact on memory and recall.