Past Exhibitions

Drawn Space

08 December - 14 January

‘Drawn Space’ marks Vishwa Shroff’s first major solo show at TARQ. Curated by London based writer and curator Charlie Levine, the exhibition brings together four series by the artist that explore the potential of spaces and objects otherwise considered banal, in her medium of choice – drawing.


21 October - 26 November

The team at TARQ is excited to present Boshudhara Mukherjee’s fourth solo exhibition “Canticle.” In her first solo exhibition at the gallery, Mukherjee showcases a series of woven canvases from her meticulous practice. Titled "Canticle," the exhibition encapsulates the meditative and almost hymn like aspect of Mukherjee's practice, in both large and small scale.

Time and Tide

23 September - 16 October

The photographs in this exhibition, are an exploration in niche community identities that are in a certain sense, also cultures in preserve. Though these communities continue to exist in different forms and numbers today, Karan Kapoor’s black and white photographs showcase a remarkable fossilised window into their world, capturing the end of an era, and as he remarks of the Anglo-Indians, “the last of a dying breed.”


11 August - 10 September

The team at TARQ is excited to present Parag Tandel’s third solo exhibition “Chronicle.” In his first solo exhibition at the gallery, Tandel showcases a series of sculptures cast in resin that represent shapes and colours from memories of his childhood. The change in the seascape in Mumbai over the passage of time is essential to the artist’s life and practice, as a member of one of Mumbai’s original communities, the Koli community.

New World Chronicles of an Old World Colour

07 July - 28 July

The Polish Institute New Delhi in collaboration with TARQ presents Ronny Sen's exhibition entitled 'New World Chronicles of an Old World Colour'. The exhibition showcases Ronny's work created during his art residency stay at Gdansk City Gallery, Poland in 2015.

In Letter and Spirit

09 June - 02 July

Effectively unfolding three solo exhibitions within one frame, In Letter and Spirit brings together the work of three artists who, in their distinctive ways, engage with the mystery of text. Saubiya Chasmawala, Youdhisthir Maharjan, and Muzzumil Ruheel address text in varied forms, invoke the diverse contexts it inhabits.

Legacy of Photojournalism - The Deepak Puri Collection

29 April - 26 May

In early 2015, the esteemed former general manager and iconic photo editor of the Time- Life News Service’s South Asia bureau, Deepak Puri, donated his historic collection of photographs to the Museum of Art & Photography, MAP, in Bangalore. One of the most important archives of 20th-century journalism in the country, this collection of over 150 photographs includes some of the best practitioners of the documentary aesthetic. In collaboration wit

Feedback Loop

31 March - 23 April

A 'feedback loop' refers to a channel or a pathway formed by an ‘effect’, returning to its ‘cause’, and generating either more or less of the same effect. Featuring works that include photography, painting, sculpture and performance, 'Feedback Loop' constructs various circuits of cause and effect, tracking the cyclical nature of a variety of forms.

Gardens Of The Mind

25 February - 19 March

In an exhibition that juxtaposes two very different approaches to photographing elements of the natural world, Indian artist, Swapan Nayak and French fashion and lifestyle photographer, Gilles Bensimon, provide us with two distinct aesthetic styles highlights the diversity offered by the photographic medium in interpreting and re-presenting reality.

Sri Sri Lanka

22 January - 20 February

Pala's first solo exhibition at TARQ explores the process of re-crafting the ‘official’ version of maps as a consequence of the underlying geopolitics that are in constant flux and that have changed throughout Asia’s historical evolution.