Past Exhibitions

Cratered Fiction

11 December - 16 January

Soghra Khurasani invokes truthful fiction around craters in her second solo at TARQ.

measure | decipher

07 November - 05 December

An exhibition of recent works by Pratap Morey, ‘measure | decipher’ seeks to examine the artist’s preoccupation with changing geographies of urban spaces.

Anatomy of Stillness

01 October - 28 October

Documenting India's cultural heritage, Clare Arni's second exhibition at TARQ explores the alchemy of still life through the beauty and intricacies of India's varying imagery.


21 August - 16 September

The exhibition presents the artists’ continuing engagement with the natural and organic world. The works are a result of several years of research and documentation of ‘sites’ in diverse locations.

Memento Mori

12 June - 24 July

TARQ is proud to present “Memento Mori” a group exhibition featuring the works of Clare Arni, Suruchi Choksi, Samit Das, Payal Kapadia, Soghra Khurasani, Saju Kunhan, Zishaan Akbar Latif, Tanmoy Samanta, Katsushi Goto and Vishwa Shroff.

Encounters 2012-2015

30 April - 28 May

The Artist takes a traditional Polish paper cut out of roosters on a journey to different countries, mainly India, but also Palestine and Turkey, and collaborates with local craftsmen, to produce and reproduce the original design using techniques that are unique to different regions.

RELIQUARIES: The Remembered Self

13 March - 10 April

“RELIQUARIES” takes a closer look at how we construct and envision our pasts, both collective and personal.

Art Forms in Nature

23 January - 28 February

A photographer and professor, Karl Blossfeldt (1865–1932) is most recognized for his exquisitely unique and magnified plant portraits.