This Burning Land Belongs to You | TARQ at Camden Kalā

About the event
21 Sep 2017

TARQ is delighted to announce our  first international exhibition at the Swiss Cottage Gallery, London. The exhibition, titled This Burning Land Belong to You, is a part of Camden Kalā - an initiative by Love Camden. The exhibition is a part of the UK-India Year of Culture.


The exhibition brings together the works of three contemporary Indian artists – Soghra Khurasani, Rithika Merchant and Ronny Sen, who work across printmaking painting and photography respectively. While their mediums of choice vary, the artist's’ distinct bodies of work come together in their enquiry of the contemporary moment that simultaneously has cultural and regional specificities as well as global commonalities.

With their distinct styles, the artists’ lives and individual practices are reflected in the works that are exhibited here. Reflecting on notions of land, and how domestic and international conflicts complicate our relationships with the very soil on which we live on. The three bodies of work explore different facets of the changing times in which we live. Ronny Sen’s photographs investigate the issue of environmental degradation that has made life unlivable in some parts of the world. Soghra Khurasani’s looks at the changing realities for minorities in the place of their birth while Rithika Merchant’s paintings contemplate the journey of migration, putting forward the question - can moving from one place to the other save us?