Where the water takes us | An interview with Rithika Merchant

The power of Rithika Merchant's work lies in her ability to weave together myths from across the civilizations to articulate contemporary concerns. Her paintings and collages depict a world where physical amd spiritual displacement has created a profound feeling of loss. The compelling visual beauty of her work, however, carries a promise - a promise of a better future.

Confessions of a Rowdy

Being a certified action and horror flick aficionado, and having seen more than my share of zombies and gore over the years, I thought I more or less knew what my worst case scenario would look like. And how to handle it. It’s just that this one time I’m centre stage, arm-wrestling and pistol-whipping my buddy who’s trying to kill me. His name is Vinayak, alias RIP. The situation is confusing and… above all, it isn’t a dream.

Liminal | An Interview with Savia Mahajan

Savia Mahajan's practice experienced a tectonic shift when she took the bold step to move away from her comfort zone of drawing, into the hitherto uncharted territory of clay and ceramics. Her quest to find a medium that best articulated her existential contemplations hasn't necessarily been an easy one, but has yielded a body of work that is compelling in its rich conceptual layers and artistic integrity.

'Remains of the Day' | An Interview with Shahid Datawala

Chance occurrences and the right time of day; when the tide went out and the weather turned foul; when prospects looked bleak and the meaning of words took on a wounding bite. It is somewhere between these phases of the moon that the maverick Shahid Datawala, an artist of many lives and many hats, found his “Remains of the Day”.

a short story of sorts

An excerpt from "Photowallah" - a book of photographs and short stories by Waswo X. Waswo with an essay by Prof. Christopher Pinney. Text and images courtesy Tasveer

Portraits in Time | An Interview with Tanmoy Samanta

Tanmoy Samanta's images lie shrouded in a veil of mist. These extraordinary shape shifting images are his 'portraits' - are they inanimate objects or sentient beings, it is hard to say. Wafting through their soft, pastel world, the portraits and their stories carry Tanmoy's meditations on memory and time. Here are a few excerpts from a conversation with him at TARQ.

Tanmoy Samanta | Portraits in Time

"A portrait is a story of time depicted by its subject." says Veeranganakumari Solanki Jamwal in her essay on Tanmoy Samanta's exhibition 'Portraits in Time'. Her erudite essay investigates the conceptual and art historical moorings of the artist's work while also providing a fascinating insight into his world of objects that are represented via the route of memory and manifest in the form of surreal and uncanny images.

Canvas Kavita Edition #10

TARQ continued its creative collaboration with The Poetry Club (Mumbai) into the new year with the tenth edition of Canvas Kavita. The mood for this session, which took place on January 14, was set by Vishwa Shroff's architecture-inspired drawings. Her work, that possesses the precision of architectural drawings with the painterly quality of an artistic imagination, formed a stunning backdrop to the poetry recitations.