Cratered Fiction

‘Cratered Fiction’ thus becomes a narration of solidarity with feminist rage that engulfs South Asia, among the women who are subject to violence, one that manifests in varied experiences, but shared among all.

measure | decipher: A Conversation

Architectural theorist Kaiwan Mehta and poet, novelist and translator Sampurna Chattarji explore ideas of modern India in the wake of rapid urbanization.

Cartographical Chaos

Themes of travel, trade and international migration became central at “Whorled Explorations” curated by artist Jitish Kallat. This idea of a circular global connectivity was evident in the range of works selected, most of which dealt with ideas of communicating, collaborating and developing across a variety of contexts, all culminating at this momentous exhibition in Kochi.

Deciphering: The sense of distance we adopt towards our everyday living

Morey has cut up the urban landscape into fine pieces of geometry shaping a Rubik's landscape of sorts, that through some divine trigger will metamorphose into a new arrangement of cuts and pieces every destined moment.

The Anatomy of Stillness

The discovery of stillness does not necessarily entail a long journey to a distant point but can be encountered all around us. By bringing out textures, symmetries, colours and contrasts, these images show how a meditative peace can be drawn out of our every day encounters with objects and spaces.

Landscape as Medium

With each artists' changing perception of the term ‘environment’ in relation to their artistic practices, the audience is able to go beyond looking at a landscape in its representational form, and towards asking what landscape is and what it does as a practice.

Scapelands: The Conversation

Artists Sonia Mehra Chawla and Gigi Scaria, and cultural theorist, Ranjit Hoskote, explore ideas of the expedition as an artistic mode of interpreting real and imagined territories.

Scapelands: The Process

Sonia uses light-sensitive Toyobo KM73 polymer plates with a flexible steel backing, and hand-ground earth pigments as her inks to achieve a range of sepia and olive tones when the image is printed.

Chronicles of Correspondence

The letter as a mode of communication, not just linking fellow artists and collaborators but also between the artist and a friend, mentor, or muse, becomes an intimate and exhaustive record for academic art-historical research and assists the construction of the ‘epistolary’ as a literary form.

Mystery and Inquiry: Reflections on Sonia Mehra Chawla’s ‘Scapelands’

When Sonia presents us with the complex and visually exciting micro-architecture of cellular structures, of ganglia and cortices, spores, packed seed-pods and streaming plankton, she draws us into an experience of abundant and versatile aesthetic stimulation but also into a visual regime framed rigorously by the optics of microscopy, radiography and nanography.

Last call: 'Memento Mori' at TARQ

Elegant and thought-provoking, Memento Mori is a must-see exhibition on a rainy monsoon afternoon. Other artists on display include Samit Das, Soghra Khurasani, Saju Kunhan, Zishaan Akbar Latif, Katsushi Goto and Vishwa Shroff. Stop by Dhanraj Mahal to catch the last leg of the show.

Flipped Pages: An interview with Saju Kunhan

Even though I finished bachelors’ degree in Fine Arts, I had the least idea of pursuing visual arts as a career, at that point of time not even in my furthest dreams.

Memento Mori

In India postmortem photography hasn’t entirely disappeared. On the banks of the river Ganges, amateur photographers still capture the last moments before a person is let go.

Encounters | An interview with Alicja Dobrucka

When it comes to my photographic practice, I would say that I work intuitively in a documentary manner as it allows me more in-depth involvement with my subject. I only use film/analogue processes, mainly medium and large formats.

March in Paris

Filled with mosaic and tile work, objects, paintings and sound recordings of tales from the Islamic world, the Islamic Arts Gallery is a delight.

A Photographer Comes Full Circle: Part One

In December 2014, I got to know Japanese photographer Kosuke Okahara. We were at the Angkor Photo Festival in Siem Reap and as we shared lunch at the end of a long week I saw a box lying next to him.

Reliquaries: The Remembered Self | An interview with Suruchi Choksi

"My need to comprehend why we are often in disagreement with others led me to the realization that the very notion of ‘absolute truth’ is a myth."

When Memories Become Myths

Both Rithika and Suruchi are able to uniquely capture two aspects of recollecting that are radically different, yet inextricably linked to each other. A placeholder for our experiences, as time goes by, our memories become myths.

Reliquaries: The Remembered Self | An interview with Rithika Merchant

"A lot of the time people see my work and immediately want to know the story behind it. I encourage them to first look at the title of the piece for hints and try to find significance in the symbolism within the work. Each piece tells many stories and sometimes the best ones are not the one I have thought about while creating the work."

The Remembered Self

How do we make myth? A dream, a memory, belongs to one person; a myth is for those around us, the ones with whom we live. If a memory is private, a myth is public, if a memory is personal, a myth is social, if a memory is unique, a myth is shared.

Angus Pryor on Post-Conceptual Art

In his work Pryor draws upon language, story-telling, homage and pastiche, using the traditional medium of paint. His canvases are filled with impressions of objects, animals and people. He relies heavily on religious imagery and narrative for his work and through his object impressions reinvents the object thus challenging the process of objectification in conceptual art.

Astonishing Splashes of Colour | Reflections on Howard Hodgkin: Paintings 1984-2015 — A Tribute

Colour, an essential attribute of Hodgkin’s paintings, not just lends visual appeal but plays multiple roles; it creates space, imparts volume and is largely kinetic, thereby introducing the viewer to an emotive state

Camping with the Mughals

The royal tents remain a benchmark for a decadent lifestyle, beyond our imagination. When it comes to tents, every thing is frugal, when compared to the Mughal!

A selection of Poems by Sampurna Chattarji and Mustansir Dalvi

A selection of poems by Sampurna Chattarji and Mustansir Dalvi read at TARQ on January 8th 2015.