Canvas Kavita Edition #10

Posted on Jan 25, 2017

TARQ continued its creative collaboration with The Poetry Club (Mumbai) into the new year with the tenth edition of Canvas Kavita. The mood for this session, which took place on January 14,  was set by Vishwa Shroff's architecture-inspired drawings. Her work, that possesses the precision of architectural drawings with the painterly quality of an artistic imagination, formed a stunning backdrop to the poetry recitations. 


The Enchanted Corridor

(In reference to Vishwa Shroff's Corridor Series

by Vallari Tulzapurkar. 


It plays tricks on me

This corridor.


I pass through it

A dozen times

A day.


Trying really hard

To look away


Keep my eyes


From the floor.


I glance furtively

At the antique mirror


Hoping to see



But there!

They trap me!

Force my eyes

Towards them.



Under my feet.

Crawling out under

The chest of drawers.


They grin at me.

I grind

My tartar-coated, yellowed teeth

At them.


This daily exchange

Has become a routine

With us.


This game of peek-a-boo

Through the looking glass

Then directly too.


The black and white


The mosaic tiles I arranged


Four decades ago

In a pattern


Night after night

Of counting

And doodling

And filling out bins

With paper balls.


I was obsessed

With the pattern.

With the crowd

The squares would create

In my vacuous spaces.


Pattern recognition

I called it.

My search

For the algorithms

Of past regressions


That would take me



To the wonderland

Of my solitary Childhood.

Now this diabolic pattern

Seems obsessed

With me.


I have put

An old rattan chair



To rest

Till the corridor

Finally let's me go


With the promise

Of a visit

In the middle of the night.


To play tricks on me.




The Lampshade: Regent of the Night

(In reference to a piece from Eames House

by Vallari Tulzapurkar


It's the stillness Of the hour before dawn.

The varying darknesses

Of the passing night

Have engulfed everything.

The only movement

Is that of light.

Outside the window

The subdued starlight

Of the moonless night.

Inside, the sombre, muted light

Spread around the lone lampshade.

Dust rings block the fine cracks

Through which the light would escape

Till I decided to let the dust be.

It's peculiar

How the lampshade

Lights a little circle

Under it

Leaving the rest of the corridor


The dancing black and white squares

Carry on their frenzied dance

In that loop. The lampshade restricts their movement

And it restricts their glow.

It warms my closed eyes

So I can see colours and shapes.

Yet, it will rule us

Inhabitants of the corridor

With its iron rod

Only till the break of dawn.




(In reference to Vishwa Shroff's Corridor (1) )

by Medha Bhatt


उन्मुक्त कल्पना देह सार्थ,

छाया एक भ्रम

खालीपन यथार्थ।


ये व्योम गहरा


धरा गहरी,

अंतरमन गहरा


परिकल्पना गहरी,

कल्पनाओं में सीमा एक भ्रम

असारता यथार्थ।


खालीपन ढोती कुर्सी धरा पर छाया का भार,

छल है ये दोनों बाते


शाश्वत है दोनों का सार,

कुछ नहीं का होना है एक भ्रम

रिक्तता में सम्पूर्णता यथार्थ।


रिक्त तस्वीर कोई


कल्पनाओ का पात्र

अभिव्यंजना नहीं जिसकी

न ही सिर्फ परिभाषा मात्र

बिलकुल खाली तो है एक भ्रम

केवल शून्यता यथार्थ।

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