Between Bookends

Between Bookends II — Thoughts on 'Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan' (2012)

One need not be previously familiar with Boetti’s works in order to make their way through the book. Neither excessively explanatory nor elliptical, most of the essays make for breezy yet compelling reads. The compendium brims with depth, scope and historical value, and its record of several sure-footed voices tells us why Boetti remains inspirational and prominent till date.

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Introducing 'Between Bookends' — Flipping through ‘Creative Image’ magazine (Volume 01/Issue 01)

Launched during the Delhi Photo Festival in November 2015, the magazine, published every two months, engages with visual narratives and incisive storytelling, and traverses the works of iconic photographers alongside emerging, contemporary ones. In this day and age of visual bombardment, with a constant glut of images owing to the urge to compulsively churn out too much, too soon, some might wonder whether launching a print magazine holds ground.

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