Vishwa Shroff

Vishwa Shroff started her artist training at The Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda in 2002. She continued on to the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (UK) in 2003. Her career so far has seen four solo exhibitions -‘Postulating Premises’ (2015) at TARQ Gallery, ‘One Eye! Two Eyes! Three Eyes!’( 2012)  at the Acme Project Space, London, ‘Memories of a Known Place’ (2012), Birmingham (UK) and ‘Room: Collaborative Book Show’ (2011), Vadodara (India). The forthcoming exhibition at TARQ Gallery will be her fifth solo exhibition. Besides participating in artist residencies all over the world, Shroff has also been a part of group exhibitions such as ‘Reading Room’ (2016) at Saffron Art, New York, ‘Reading Room: Leaves, Threads and Traces’ (2015), The Winchester Gallery (UK), ‘Bartered Collections’ ( 2015) by Cona Projects at the Mumbai Art Room and ‘Momento Mori’ (2015) at TARQ Gallery.

Shroff’s work is an intersection between art, design and architecture. She has worked extensively with the format of a book, engaging with it both in terms of its formal composition as well as its conceptual implications. Her preoccupation with the ‘book’ has been a significant and common thread through her oeuvre. Earlier this year, her scholarly engagement with the subject manifested in the form of an academic piece – ‘Duality in Drawing’, which she co-authored with Katsushi Goto for the International Symposium of Architectural Interchanges in Asia (ISAIA).

Shroff lives and works between Mumbai and Tokyo.


Drawn Space

08 Dec 2016 - 14 Jan 2017

‘Drawn Space’ marks Vishwa Shroff’s first major solo show at TARQ. Curated by London based writer and curator Charlie Levine, the exhibition brings together four series by the artist that explore the potential of spaces and objects otherwise considered banal, in her medium of choice – drawing. Shroff’s intricate works are almost like optical movements that create a narrative by drawing upon references to architecture and urban spaces. Her precise and linear aesthetic compels the viewer into a meditative contemplation of inconspicuous corners, window frames and floors. 

The artist’s superb draughtsmanship and astounding attention to detail is highlighted in her use of the watercolour medium and her palette of earthy tones. The sharpness of her lines and the intensity of details also bring to attention Shroff’s exploration of the inherent state of flux that marks the material and spiritual reality of objects and spaces. A missing tile in a rendering of a mosaic floor simultaneously signifies the presence of absence and the potential of a future presence.


Exhibition Catalog: Drawn Space
TARQ Mumbai