Suruchi Choksi

Suruchi Choksi is a self-taught artist. Having grown up in Kolkata and working presently out of Mumbai, she grapples with the issues of space, limits, absence and elsewhere. Her repertoire includes photography, drawings, sculptures and installations.

Her work is abstract, and by contesting the division between the realms of memory and the realm of experience she makes works that are intensely personal. She tries to absorb the tradition of archiving into daily practice and uses her art as a register of wordless narratives, working within an ambiguous space.

She has had two solo shows, Burnt Sienna in 2006 at Hacienda Art Gallery, Mumbai and a video installation, Unbelong : Illustrated Antipodes at Afghan Church and What About Art?, Mumbai in 2014.


RELIQUARIES: The Remembered Self

13 Mar 2015 - 10 Apr 2015

An exhibition of recent works by Suruchi Choksi and Rithika Merchant, “RELIQUARIES” takes a closer look at how we construct and envision our pasts, both collective and personal. Through their respective processes, both artists are able to uniquely capture two aspects of recollecting that are radically different, yet inextricably linked to each other.

In Suruchi’s photographs, printed on aluminum and paper, as well as in her six-channel video installation, she toys with the idea of photographs being a conductor in the orchestration of our own personal memory. Her distressed and distorted personal photographs tell a story that has evolved over time, both physically and emotionally. She delves into each layer of the image, assuming that no picture, and no story is absolute at any given time, for it is seen through filters that every individual carries in their mind’s eyes.

Rithika’s characters hark back to a sense of belief in ritual, with each intricate watercolor building a mystical narrative from one image to the next. An inherent feminism exists in her decoration, undermining the minimalism of modernity that views a woman just as a muse. Her use of cut out, almost puzzle-like pieces effortlessly permits us to piece together a narrative, using some of our own magical thinking.

Exhibition Catalog: RELIQUARIES: The Remembered Self by Rithika Merchant and Suruchi Choksi
TARQ Mumbai