Sameer Kulavoor

Sameer Kulavoor’s (b.1983) practice lies at the intersection of graphic design, illustration and art. He has been creating a personal body of work, and self-publishing art books and zines that take a look at characteristic mannerisms and archetypal facets of urban surroundings, design and culture.  Some of  the zines he has produced include Sidewalks & Coffeeshops ( 2009), Zeroxwallah Zine (2011), The Ghoda Cycle Project (poster-book, 2012), Blued (book/zine , 2013) and  Oh Flip (flipbook, 2013).

Kulavoor’s works were most recently exhibited in a show titled Please Have A Seat at Artisan’s gallery in Mumbai (2016). He exhibited The Ghoda Cycle Project at WDC Helsinki in 2012 and in Mumbai in 2013 while also collaboratingwith Paul Smith on a series of Ghoda Cycle Tee-shirt designs that were released worldwide.  Most recently, he has been working on a number of large scale public art projects and paintings which are on view in Auckland (New Zealand), Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. A Man of the Crowd is Kulavoor’s first solo exhibition at TARQ.

Kulvoor is the founder of Bombay Duck Designs and co-founder and co-curator of 100%ZINE – a visual arts magazine that discovers and showcases a wide range of visual art talent from India and abroad.

He currently lives and works in Mumbai.


A Man of the Crowd

15 Mar 2018 - 26 Apr 2018

Sameer Kulavoor's first solo exhibition at TARQ brings together a body of work that showcases his multi-dimensional practice that brings together drawing, painting and design.. He is interested in why things look the way they do; constantly exploring the impact that time, culture, politics and socio-economic conditions have on our visible and invisible surroundings. In this age of visual overload, his work involves filtering, dissecting, documenting and de-familiarising commonly seen subjects.